Ways to contact/pester Paul Sladen

First off, I don't have a mobile phone and instead work with land-lines. I have a SIM-card, but no phone. The SIM normally lives in my PCMCIA GPRS card for my laptop, but I occasionally use it for testing/development on Symbian Devices. I do not know the number of it...


I recommend this as the quickest way to tell me something, but not always the quickest way to get a reply; IRC always tends to be quick.

IRC and Instant Messaging (IM)

I communicate with people through IRC and can't stand the inefficiency of the various different and incompatible IM networks. They all seem to have invented their own protocols rather than using IRC which does what they attempt to do, better—and has done so for about 10 years longer... However, in the spirit of communication, the following are all forwarded to my IRC client by BitlBee:

AOL AIMs1aden login.oscar.aol.com

ess, one, aay, dee, e, en—sierra, one, alpha, delta, echo, november

Voice to Email

Calls to +44 115 871 8233 will email me an audio file of any message and your telephone number, if you have Caller ID enabled.


More details are listed in my RIPE object. [SLAY-RIPE]