Let me introduce you to Class 373, TMST, the Eurostar...

Thirty-Eight Eurostars exist. They are amongst the most complicated (7 signalling systems), longest (393m), expensive ($31 millon), versatile (4 voltages) and fastest (320km/h) trains ever bulit. You can find them speeding between London, Bruxelles, Paris, Disneyland, Lille, Avignon and Leeds on the European High-speed network.

The Trans-European High-Speed Rail Network (TENS) principly consists of the French TGV lines, LGV PSE, LGV Méditerranée, LGV Atlantique, LGV Noord Europe and LGV Interconnexion. LGV Est Belgique, British CTRL and the Eurotunnel. In the works are CTRL Section II, Dutch HSL Zuid and French LGV Est. LGV track is designed for high-speed running and features two tracks (Line 1 and Line 2), no level-crossing, no station platforms on the main running lines, electronic TVM in-cab signalling, steep gradients (3.5%) and very gentle curves (radius >= 4.0km/h).

The Eurostars used on the London to Brussels and London to Paris routes have two locomatives and 18 trailers, numbered R1 to R18. R1 is the end closest to London. Seven of the Eurostars were designed for ``North-of-London'' working from places like Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham and only have 14 trailers (2 less of both 1st and 2nd class accomadation). These trains are currently on lease to GNER for the ``White-Rose'' branded London Kings Cross to Leeds service.

Three Eurostar sets equiped with quad-voltage equipment (South-of-France working) have been repainted in TGV colours (3203/4, 3227/8, 3225/6). Two 14-coach Eurostars are in GNER colours (3301/2, 3303/4, 3305/06 ??) and a further three have had Eurostar logos removed (3305/6, 3309/10, ??). One set (except for the locomotives) is painted with Disney cartoons (3001/2 ??). The TGV `resprays' are used for capacity boosting in France and can be found running as Lille to Paris, Paris to Brussels and Paris to Avignon services.