Nottingham Midland Station - Footpath No.28

Footpath 28 is a descendent of the Trent Bridge Footway, a historic pedestrian route from Nottingham City Centre to the River Trent crossing at Trent Bridge via footbridge over Nottingham Midland railway station between Station Street and Queens Road. This route has been carried over a number of bridges, firstly over the Westcroft Canal Arm, then a dedicated bridge over the Midland Railway and most recently a shared footbridge also over the railway. During the early 2000s a application for closure was made by the landowner, and defeated after a public inquiry.


The right-of-way remains a public right-of-way, and was diverted on to the new route (Footbridge 20B, Platform 7, Queens Road) on 8 October 2014.

8 October 2014: Diversion order confirmed, legally diverting the path onto the new-build section east of the multi-storey car-park. (Total time, 4.5 years from date of objection; 20 years from demolition of previous Footbridge).
July 2013: Diversion allowed by Area 8 committee, subject to an additional condition: "(2) to request John Lee to discuss with Paul Sladen the final route of the footpath, in regard to section (E) on the map at appendix 2, prior to implementation of the footpath diversion order."
October 2012: Pre-consultation process, following Draft Order DO5016 application by Network Rail.
March 2012: Consultation meeting with Network Rail on 30 April 2012 14:00 at Loxley house, Nottingham.
January 2012: Stopping Up Order denied. Temporary footpath closure extended until 26 July 2012.

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  1. 20 April 2010: Objections to Stopping Up Order
  2. 7 June 2011: Submitted to Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  3. 8/9 November 2011: Public Inquiry held
  4. 13 December 2012: Stopping Up Order denied.
  5. 25 January 2012: Temporary footpath closure extended until 26 July 2012.
  6. 3 January 2013: (new) Temporary footpath closure until 3 July 2013.
  7. 2 July 2013: (new new) Temporary footpath closure until 2 January 2013.
  8. 8 October 2014: Confirmation of diversion to new-build footpath route


Other British railway stations at which attempts to obstruct footbridges occured in same timeframe by the same land owners. The status of these footbridges and footpaths and tunnels vary, and not all are statutory public rights-of-way as in the case of Nottingham Midland Footpath No.28.

Glossary of terms

Trent Bridge Footway
Centuries-old transport axis running between the Central Nottingham and the primary river crossing at Trent Bridge
Westcroft Canal Arm
Navigable waterway serving the industrial area now forming the station footprint. An accomodation bridge carried the Trent Bridge Footway over the waterway.
Footbridge No.21
Constructed by the Midland Railway per a requirement of the Act of Parliament that specified an accomodation bridge of not-less than five yards wide to carry the Trent Bridge Footway, closed c.1991 and demolished c.1996s (91/00291/LCAC1); no connection to platforms
Footbridge No.20B
Constructed by the Midland Railway for their own purposes; connected to all platforms within the station site. Bridge shortened and steps down to Platform 6 re-arranged when Goods Lines removed sometimes after the c.1960s.
Footpath No.28
Statutory footpath (Public Right-of-Way) between SK 5754 3925 to SK 5751 3912 routed over Footbridge No.20B (pre-c.1990) and previously routed via Footpath No.21 (pre-c.1990)
Planning Application, submitted by Central Trains, continued by Network Rail
Listed Building Consent for the Planning Application
SUO 5015
Nottingham City Council Stopping Up Order, under Section 257, on the basis of the granted planning permission
Planning Inspectorate public inquiry tracking number, hearing and subsequently not confirming the Stopping Up Order
Nottingham City Council Freedom of Information request, locating materials before the public inquiry
TMT 5353MC2
Temporary Prohibition Order / Traffic Regulation Order, to allow construction of the MSCP (second continuation)
Submitted 28 January 2009; Granted 30 April 2009. Nottingham Midland station main concourse ATG (ticket barriers).
10/00885/LLIS1 "East Midlands ATG Install: Nottingham Station"
First application: Submitted 29 March 2010; Withdrawn 10 May 2010. Planning application for installing Automatic Ticket Barriers at either end of the footbridge forming Footpath No.28. This application and the preparation work was not mentioned at the public inquiry.
11/01270/LLIS1 Installation of automatic ticket gates and CCTV cameras to overbridge.
Second application: Submitted 15 April 2011. Withdrawn 9 June 2011.
12/00463/PNMA "Alterations to service access arrangements" (19 April 2012)
Queens Road Multi-storey car park access arrangements change.
Nottingham Station's contemporary new multi-storey car park officially opens (2012-05-14)
"The completion of the new multi-storey car park and associated highway improvement works on Queen's Road marks the end of phase one of the redevelopment." Map of eastern-access route via Platform 6 ("until December 2013").
East Midlands Trains ATG Programme (Butler & Young Associates)
Loughborough Station. BPR Architects.
Transport (BPR Architects)
Page 4: Picture of Loughborough barrier structure
Protest against ticket barriers (2009-10-15) ForgeToday
"The company has hired BPR Architects, a London based firm, to work on the project."
Minutes (2011-01-12). Local Access Forum
"3.7 John Lee: the temporary closure is for the MSCP only."
RIS-7701-INS Rail Industry Standard for Automatic Ticket Gates at Stations
Submitted 31 May 2011. Granted 20 December 2011. Spliting of Platform 4.
Platform 6 rear edge
Submitted 6 March 1991. Granted 12 April 1996. Removal of Footbridge 21.
Submitted 23 June 2011. Granted 7 October 2011. "Non-material ammendment"; possible the application moving the MSCP 470 mm off the line of Footpath No.28, although this is not mentioned in the application, and not general arrangement is provided.
Submitted 2 December 2011. Granted 20 April 2012. "Platform 6 edges"; but may cover other MSCP issues too.
Submitted 1 November 1993. Granted 20 December 1993. Station frontage renovation.
Submitted 18 Jun 2003. Granted 24 June 2003. "Glazed Enclosure" extension of Footbridge 20B towards NET Station Street tram stop. Present location of footbridge ticket-machine. Extension of 02/01092/LLIS1.
24 March 2003. 11 April 2003. Footbridge 20B extension to Station Street Tram stop.
Submitted 11 January 2010. Granted 24 February 2010. "Milk Dock" cycle storage, connected to Footpath No.28.
1 May 2007. Granted 30 March 2009. Net Phase 2 integration works.
16 June 2009. Granted 16 October 2009. Outwardly states only CCTV and destination boards, but the references are associated with the Nottingham main course gateline.
27 November 2003. Granted 20 January 2004. Access to Platform 6 directly from dispersal bridge, instead of only via Footbridge 20B (FP 28).
TMT 5571M
20 June 2012. To run from 29 June 2012 until 28 December 2012. Brand new Order made under fresh powers using the NET Phase 2 TWAO.

Nottingham City Council
(Footpath No.28, (Station Street to Queen's Road) from Point SK 5754 3925 to Point SK 5751 3912, Nottingham) (Temporary Prohibition of Pedestrians) Order 2012 (TMT 5571M).

Notice is hereby given that Nottingham City Council intends not less than seven days from the date of this Notice to make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffice Regulation Act 1984.

The effects of the Tempoary Order will be to prohibit pedestrians from proceeding in the following length of road to which the public has access in the City of Nottingham:-

Footpath No.28

Commencing at a point on Station Street OS Grid Reference SK 5754 3925 and proceeding across the footbridge then south along the western boundary of the station muti-storey [sic] car park to a point on Queen's Road at OS Grid Reference SK 5751 3912 as shown by the solid black line between points (A) and (B) on the order map.

It is intended that the prohibition respecting Footpath No.28 will apply as follows:-

From Friday 29th June 2012 until Friday 28th December 2012 inclusive.

And notice is hereby further given that during the period of the prohibition the alternative route available will be to continue west along Station Street then south along Carrington Street then east along Queen's Road and vice versa. As shown by the dashed black line between points (A) and (B) on the order map.

The Temporary Order will come into force on Friday 29th June 2012 and any prohibition and restriction in it shall apply on that day and any subsequent day when necessary whilst works are being carried out. The Temporary Order shall continue in force for a period of 6 months or until the works it is proposed to carryout are completed, whichever is the earlier. If the foregoing are not completed within 6 months, the Order may be extended for a longer period with the approval of the Secretary of State for Transport.

The prohbition is required to allow the safe construction of NET phase 2 works adjacent to the footpath.

Dated this 20th day of June 2012.

Corporate Director of Development,
Nottingham City Council,
Traffic Management,
Loxley House,
Station Street,
NG2 3NG.

TMT 5571M/SH.

Citation: HL Deb, 27 June 2012, c76W
"The Government do not generally specify ticket barrier installation in franchise contracts. However, in circumstances where revenue support is provided as part of a franchise agreement and the franchisee's bid includes for the installation of ticket barriers, we may require that there is a commitment to install them by a certain date. This approach has been taken in some franchises as a means to reduce the risk of government exposure to revenue support payments."