Sladen's Suspect Guides - Emacs

GNU Emacs

Emacs is the best editor I've yet found and here are some keys to get your started.

C-x means press and hold the Control key and touch the x and then let go of both. M-y means press and let go of the Escape key and after you have let go of it then press and let go of the y key. Alternative M-y can be typed on some system by holding down the Meta (or more commonly Alt) key and pressing the y before letting go of both keys.

      C-g	Cancel (type several times to get out of anything)
      C-x C-c	Quit emacs (you will be asked if you haven't saved anything)
      C-x C-s	Save the current file (known as a buffer)
      C-_	Undo (you might need to type this as Ctrl+Shift+Minus)