Howto to install HTTPS/SSL on Debian

Ok, presuming that you've already got Apache up and running... Now you want to setup SSL so that you can access the website and use authenication without sending your password in plaintext.

$ apt-get install libapache-mod-ssl

This will install the mod_ssl module that Apache uses for secure encrypted connections. So, couple more things to do; 1) set Apache up to accept secure connections, and 2) make a certificate that says we are who we saya we are. (Technicality--it doesn't promise to say we are who we are until it gets signed by someone else... Normally Verisign who will screw you through the nose for the privilege).

The good news is that we don't actually need to spent lots of money to get it signed--the whole signing business is merely a reassurence to other people, and stops their browser popping up a box to ask you whether you trust the people in question.

Ok, so that Debian package installed some files, and we want one that will save the whole problem of how to make a certificate.