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From: Ron Arts (raarts_at_office.netland.nl)
Date: Mon 04 Feb 2002 - 22:56:12 GMT

Krischan Jodies wrote:

> Am Montag, 4. Februar 2002 17:01 schrieb Jacques Gelinas:
>>First time I hear this. I HAS to work.
> I have an idea what the reason could be: Maybe the different distributions
> use buggy sources for their useradd.

[ removed ]

> (unchanged umask but mode 0)
> Any idea which dropped capability this might be? Perhaps it has something to
> do with your chroot hack?
> Please try a strace on your redhat / mandrake useradd to see what happens
> when /etc/passwd+ is openend with umask 0777. I will attach my straces of
> useradd and mail.
> I would assume, that if this idea really is right, the bug is located in the
> programs that open files without sufficent permission to write into them (and
> afterwards are surprised that they really can't write) and not the
> kernel/ctx-patch. (But of course we would be happy if you find a way to fix
> this anyways :-))
> Thanks,
> Krischan

I experience the same problem on a plain redhat-7.2 distribution and
2.4.17ctx6. Also straced useradd, and came to the same conclusion: umask(0777)
gives problems when creating files. I don't think its an application

Maybe an interaction between ctx6 and some other kernel feature?
I enabled BSD process accounting, PCMCIA (wireless LAN), Quota,
EXT3 amongh others, but otherwise a fairly minimal kernel.

Ron Arts

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