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From: Vlad (vlad_at_vlad.net)
Date: Wed 13 Feb 2002 - 20:33:02 GMT

Sure, I'll do that. But thats not going to stop people from harvesting
email addresses. :)


On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Carl Leonard wrote:

> Could we take a few steps to try and protect the email addresses
> of the list members? Just about every publically accessible web
> page will eventually get hit by the spammers running thier web bot
> address suckers. I get enough spam as it is.
> Here is my suggestion for how to block virtually all of them.
> Make a front page that states that there is a password to get
> in. Put the username and password on the page. It could just
> be vservers and vservers. The bots pass on all password protected
> pages.
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> Subject: re: [vserver] vserver mailinglist available via web
> On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:59:31 -0500, klavs klavsen wrote
> >Hi guys,
> >
> >As I mentioned, I was hoping the vserver crew/site would like the email
> >postings on the mailinglist to be available via the web.
> We are now working on it (with klavs). Since I kept a copy of the list
> since day one, this will make an interesting read for new comers.
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