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From: Klavs Klavsen (kl_at_vsen.dk)
Date: Wed 27 Feb 2002 - 21:46:22 GMT

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 10:13, Mihai RUSU wrote:
> Hi
> While patching ctx8 against 2.4.17 I have noticed that it does patch some
> files in the fs/ext2 and fs/ext3 directories:
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext2/ialloc.c
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext2/inode.c
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext2/ioctl.c
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext3/ialloc.c
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext3/inode.c
> patching file linux-2.4.17/fs/ext3/ioctl.c
> What is this for? If I use some other fs I miss some vserver features?
My guess, would be the adding of the immutable-unlink flag?
and the features that this enables (allowing vserver users to alter the
unified files - which then get un-unified).

Klavs Klavsen

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