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From: Jacques Gelinas (jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca)
Date: Tue 26 Mar 2002 - 02:37:49 GMT

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002 19:17:35 -0500, Martin Josefsson wrote
> On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Jacques Gelinas wrote:
> > I have replicated this problem with ctx-9 on two machines, using netstat. Very
> > odd. On one machine, I have hammered on netstat for a while without any problems
> > then few hours later (uptime hours later), I crashed the machine twice in a row
> > using netstat.
> >
> > The trace shows that the kernel is dying in __get_free_page(), called from
> > proc_file_read, just before calling tcp_get_info. My idea was that the new
> > stuff introduced in ctx-8 (private vserver netstat) was doing some corruption.
> > But ctx-8 has never crashed on me.
> ctx-8 has never crashed on me either.
> I havn't compiled ctx-9 yet.
> > I have reviewed and reviewed tcp_get_info() and it seems all fine to me.
> it looks fine to me too, I can't see any problems with it.
> > Very strange. I wonder if for some reason the kernel ctx-9 has been
> > improperly compiled. In ctx-9, I introduced a new field in "struct sock" for
> > the broadcast address.
> I wonder how big struct sock is now.

I have tought about this a little. I wonder why the kernel crashes while doing
netstat (reading /proc/net/tcp in fact) and seems reliable otherwise.

Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca>
vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!

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