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From: Peter Kwan Chan (peterkwanchan_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Wed 27 Mar 2002 - 00:43:23 GMT

I also realize that. I also know that running netstat would lock my
particular server.
 Sorry if this is not vserver-unrelated. I would like to know what could
trigger such a reaction in Linux when there is no active user. I don't
normally touches netstat, and the server usually goes down only after at
least a few hours. Is there any possibility that some processes could be
using /proc/net/tcp periodically, thus causing the lock up? The virtual
server is an FTP server with only a few connections, and my main server
is a standard Redhat 7.1 install.



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On Tue, 26 Mar 2002 17:30:13 -0500, Peter Kwan Chan wrote
> Hello,
> I have only been using vserver for a couple of days. I use it to
> an FTP server in a dedicated server I got from a datacenter. The
> has been going down mysteriously. Whenever I bring it up, after a few
> hours (7-11 hours), it will go down for no apparent reason. A
> remote-reboot will usually bring it back up.
> Is there any known bug that may cause this? I am collaborating with
> tech support to determine if this is a kernel issue or a hardware

There is an issue with kernel 2.4.18ctx-9. It locks the server completly
accessing /proc/net/tcp (or doing netstat) for one. Other kernels are
fine such
as 2.4.18ctx-8. We do not know yet why ctx-9 is buggy as it differs very
little from ctx-8.

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