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From: d m (dmm_at_online.de)
Date: Tue 09 Apr 2002 - 12:29:31 BST


ok, I got it now. Indeed, it would be a life-filling task to
do this with LVM...

I'm not that firm with quota, but isn't it true, that quota uses only
the UIDs ?

So, as the UID in a vserver are the same UIDs in the main-server, one
could use quotas on the main-server configuring the UIDs only (!) used
by the users of a vserver (e.g. an isolated area od UIDs).


Am Die, 2002-04-09 um 12.17 schrieb Matthew Hill:
> Daniel,
> Thank you for the suggestion, as LVM would be an excellent
> system for controlling total vserver disk consumption.
> However the largest concern remaining, on which I was
> admittedly unclear, is that I'm trying to implement
> per-user quotas in a system where users are perpetually
> created and destroyed by web-based admin tools given
> to the owner of the vserver.
> Any suggestions? I would think it rather tedious from
> an administrative standpoint to attempt to use LVM
> per /home/user directories, whereas the best hack attempts
> I could envision using the current vserver setup would
> set quotas spanning all vservers and create overlap in chosen
> user names and disk consumption (lacking virtualized quotas,
> which I realize to be no small task). I had noticed one
> other post to this list requesting quotas support on the
> /dev/hdv a few weeks back.
> Sincerely,
> Matthew Hill

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