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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Fri 26 Apr 2002 - 16:18:57 BST

Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca> wrote:

> Which gcc distribution is this. There are problems in the STL headers on
> some GCC version. I just compiled it on a pretty vanilla rh6.2. The STL
> headers are part of the package egcs-c++-1.1.2-30

Mmm, I have that version (1.1.2-30). I've checked the packages (egcs,
egcs-c++) are sane with rpm -V.

> To compile the utility, I am including <linux/capability.h> and this is
> kind of bad. The kernel headers are not meant to be included. Normally,
> glibc include files are providing the necessary services to shield
> applications from the kernel headers. But glibc does not support any
> interface to the capability system.
> To fix this one, I suggest you install new kernel headers on the
> compilation machine, potentially taken from a 2.4.18 kernel.

Sure. I have already ensured that /usr/src/linux (and hence,
/usr/include/linux) points to the correct place, in Red Hat tradition.
Looking at the preprocessed output from gcc, it seems to be including the
correct capability.h, from the kernel source tree.

Looking a bit deeper, this is the section of the template library it is
complaining about:

> class __default_alloc_template {
> private:
> // Really we should use static const int x = N
> // instead of enum { x = N }, but few compilers accept the former.
> # ifndef __SUNPRO_CC
> enum {__ALIGN = 8};
> enum {__MAX_BYTES = 128};
> # endif
> static size_t ROUND_UP(size_t bytes) {
> return (((bytes) + __ALIGN-1) & ~(__ALIGN - 1));
> }

Which is being preprocessed to this:

> class __default_alloc_template {
> private:
> enum {.align 4,0x90 = 8};
> enum {__MAX_BYTES = 128};
> enum {__NFREELISTS = __MAX_BYTES/ .align 4,0x90 };
> static size_t ROUND_UP(size_t bytes) {
> return (((bytes) + .align 4,0x90 -1) & ~(.align 4,0x90 - 1));
> }

Hence this error:

> > /usr/include/g++-2/stl_alloc.h:320: parse error before `.'
> > /usr/include/g++-2/stl_alloc.h:320: missing ';' before right brace
> > /usr/include/g++-2/stl_alloc.h:322: parse error before `.'

But why on earth would it have __SUNPRO_CC defined in the first place?
This baffles me more than RedHat's popularity.


perl -e '`cat /proc/self/status`=~m/__NR_new_s_context: (\d+)/; syscall($1, 10); exec @ARGV'


> I would say this is a bug in the STL headers. Which egcs package are you
> using ?

Name : egcs Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version : 1.1.2 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release : 30 Build Date: Thu 17 Feb 2000
07:17:14 PM GMT Install date: Wed 26 Jul 2000 06:47:29 PM GMT Build
Host: porky.devel.redhat.com Group : Development/Languages
Source RPM: egcs-1.1.2-30.src.rpm Size : 3447148
      License: GPL Packager : Red Hat, Inc.
<http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla> URL : http://gcc.gnu.org/
Summary : The GNU Compiler Collection.
Description :
The egcs package contains the GNU Compiler Collection: cc, gcc and
egcs. You'll need this package in order to compile C/C++ code.

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