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From: Huibert Alblas (halblas_at_weos.de)
Date: Wed 21 Aug 2002 - 13:00:59 BST

Hello all,

first off Thanks for this amazingly simple/small and effective piece of
software. Great going sofar.

I got the following 'problem' when configuring services (apache/smb/..)
from withing a vserver.

Story: I've multiple vservers running on different IPs on one server,
so far all the vservers have a /etc/init.d and rc3.d, rc5.d, setup to
start services on 'boot' ( vserver vserver1 start ).
The IPs to Listento for these services are set in each vserver in the
configuration file for the service,
for instance:
smb.conf on vserver1( has a line:
interfaces =

smb.conf on vserver2( has a line:
interfaces =

everything works fine sofar.

The problem is, more and more vservers are being created, whilst the
HTML-code on the servers stays the same (because of CVS)

Sofar a script I created copies a vserver to a new vserver_name with new
ipaddress, then the script edits the configfiles for the needed
services... ( with a little help from the 2 Brothers Sed 'n Awk )

My question is:

When I start a service from within a vserver ( not using v_httpd etc. ),
and I haven't configured the interfaceline; will these services still
bind to (for apache) allthough the only ipaderss visible on
the cserverv is

I'm currently playing around with this kind of setup, there are 4
vservers running at the time. So if I restart 1 apache it cannot grab at the moment, but starts without complaining.

What will happen if all servers were down (after rebooting the main
server ) and the first vserver is started? will it bind to for
all its services?

Thanks in advace for your time.

Huibert Alblas
weOs ag

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
-- Douglas Adams

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