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From: Paul Sladen (vserver_at_paul.sladen.org)
Date: Fri 23 Aug 2002 - 13:57:50 BST

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Guillaume Plessis wrote:

> I've successfully installed the last release of vserver on several
> debian woody. It works well without modifying the scripts. Good work :)
Groovy choice of Operating system! ;-) On a serious note, it is good to
know that scripts are working well out of the box now.

> I compiled my kernel with lvm, ext3 and reiserfs (and so on...) and when
> I have to install a new vserver, I create a new logical volume with a
> reiserfs filesystem. Reiserfs and lvm allow me to limit the disk usage
> and to resize the logical volume while I'm working on it. But I've never
> tried to resize it when the attached vserver was up...
If reiserfs online resize is in there, it "should just work"; there is no
difference with disk-space and partitions used in a vserver and those you
`see' in the host server; it's all just plain disk space as far as the host
server is concerned.

I'm using ext3-on-LVM here and play safe (ext3 online resize it's in the
kernel, but ext2 online resize is). Stopping each vserver, umounting and
re-mounting the ext3 LVM share as ext2 (to clear up the journal), do the
resize and then remount it as ext3 again and finally restart the vserver.
So far, this has worked and left the ext3 in a clean state on remount...

Make a backup, then go for it! (As long as the relevant code is in the
kernel, there's no difference).

> Is it possible to do such a thing whitout to crash the vserver? I don't
> know how the kernel manage the dedicaced-to-vserver disk space because
> of the pseudo fstab.

You're doing this from the host server so the utilities will only read the
*real* `/etc/fstab', which has hopefully been setup correctly so that the
LVM partitions get mounted correctly (and automagically on reboot).


Nottingham, GB

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