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From: BrandonHoult (BrandonHoult_at_netscape.net)
Date: Thu 05 Sep 2002 - 18:24:08 BST

Ok, I think I am going to answer my own question. It seems chbind
causes nmbd to fail no matter what else is running. There is a
configuration paramater in the smb.conf file that allows you to specify
which interface or ip to use. I added

interfaces =

to the global section of the smb.conf file and then it would chbind
just fine. Now for some reason SWAT is messing up. This is not really
a problem as I can get around it but I would like to know why it is a
problem as it may be causing others. It was my understanding that
chbind will bind all ports on an interface to an ip and a program to
that ip. Swat uses port 901 and is called from inetd which is chbound
on the host to it is accessed through a web-browser
( the vserver is at, the problem is
that both ( and ( bring
up the host (52) version of swat. If I change the port in /etc/services
to 902 it works correctly. One other discrepency I noticed was that
swat reports that smbd and nmbd are not running even though they are
working fine.

Any ideas?

BrandonHoult wrote:

> I think I got kicked off the list last week... I am hoping that it was
> a technical problem (I know there was some server maintenance going
> on) and that I didn't irritate anybody. In any case I finally got the
> debian host + debian client thing working... the problem was that I
> was not chbinding all the stuff correctly. It seems there really
> sound be something in the documentation covering that as part of the
> install procedure.
> My goal is to get all the critical services our company needs inside
> a vserver so I can easily back it up and replicate it in case of a
> hardware failure. This includes (so far) apache, samba, perl, and
> e-mail (with squirrelmail). Our problem has always been the more we
> depend on linux the more vulnerable we become to hardware failure and
> downtime. Also each service we add makes it more difficult to upgrade
> or experiment with new solutions as the risk of breaking something is
> too great. The reason for this is that I am the only one (in our
> company) who can set all this up and the time it takes to reconfigure
> and tune a system to get it back in working order is longer than we
> can really afford. Vserver seems like it will finally solve all these
> problems and make linux based solutions much more viable in our
> company. Anyway, my current problem seems to be that I can get
> everything working except samba. I can either run it in the vserver,
> or on the host but not both. Smbd seems to work but nmbd fails. The
> following is the result of running mnbd from the host server while
> smbd is running on the main server and both smbd and nmbd are running
> in the virtual server.
> p300:/etc/init.d# chbind --ip nmbd -i
> ipv4root is now
> Netbios nameserver version 2.2.3a-6 for Debian started.
> Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1994-2002
> standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option
> bind failed on port 137 socket_addr =
> Error = Cannot assign requested address
> nmbd_subnetdb:make_subnet()
> Failed to open nmb socket on interface for port 137.
> Error was Cannot assign requested address
> ERROR: Failed when creating subnet lists. Exiting.
> The virtual server is running at while the main server is
> at so I am not sure why it is trying to bind to
> on the main server especially as it is chbind to 52. I
> searched the archive but all the stuff there referring to samba seems
> really old and not really applicable.
> Thanks,
> Brandon.

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