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From: Lars Braeuer (lbraeuer_at_mpex.net)
Date: Fri 13 Sep 2002 - 08:07:58 BST

hi cathy,

I'm using the 2.4.19 kernel on our suse 8.0 box and recompiled it with the patch that can
be found in the download section ftp://ftp.solucorp.qc.ca/pub/vserver/patch-2.4.19ctx-13 .
did you try to apply this patch to the 2.4.19 kernel source (patch -p1 < patch-2.4.19ctx-13).


Cathy Sarisky wrote:
> Compiling a kernel on a dedicated (leased) server in a data center on the other end of the country is a recipe for at least frustration, if not disaster. Add in raid1 disks, grub (when make install wants lilo), and a few more complications, and things get ugly. I've spent far too much time in the last day or two compiling, installing, trying to reboot, and hanging the server. And each time this happens, I have to email the datacenter, ask for a reboot and someone to select the OTHER kernel.. repeat ad nauseum. Painful. I can't use the pre-built kernel (although it loads just fine on the server) because I need a highmem kernel. Due to the agony of repeated attempts and my inability to actually watch the boot process, I'm having a hard time trouble-shooting.
> I went looking for the .config file for 2.4.19, but the latest I see is for 2.4.18. Jacques, could you provide a .config file for 2.4.19, preferably the one used to build the pre-built kernel? Checking the HIGHMEM box and recompiling *might* be within my abilities at this point. At least I could establish that it's a problem with how I'm compiling/installing, and not with the config options I'm using...
> Failing that, I might offer eternal gratitude, DNS services(primary and/or secondary), or a small bit of $$ if someone would like to compile the dratted kernel for me with the highmem option and a few other tweaks. I'd rather do it myself, but I'm starting to run out of ideas, and patience of the guy in the data center might be starting to wear a little thin...
> Thanks! :)
> Cathy
> cathy_at_acornhosting.net

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