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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 28 Oct 2002 - 00:01:26 GMT

On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 01:56:03PM -0500, tedsuo wrote:
> > I think, I implemented the context quota support
> > for ext2/ext3 by taking a more general aproach.
> > (had no time to test it ... yet)
> >
> > [get the patches from http://www.13thfloor.at/VServer/]
> >
> i found time this weekend to test yours patchs ..

that's fine ...
> - Patch kernel with
> linux-2.4.19ctx-13 & linux-2.4.19ctx-13-quota01.diff
> OK

that's good ...
 ... if you actually tested the kernel (not only patched it)

> -Patch quota-tools-3.07
> with quota-tools-3.07-ctx13-quota01.diff
> OK

that's even better ...
 .. make some tests with the tools in a typical vserver
 environment but on the physical context (CTX == 0)

> Mount
> /dev/hdc4 /vservers/debian ext3 rw,usrquota,ctxquota 0 0 OK
> and about the mtab ?

I expected mount to complain about the ctxquota
option ... so I mentioned faking this mount option
in the mtab (this would be okay, because ext2/3
silently ignore the quota mount options ;-)

> > then I started to modified the quota-tools to recognize
> > the "new" context quota (-x) which is done for
> > quotacheck and reportquota not for quotaon/off ...
> >
> > what should work?
> >
> > - creating/chowning/destroying files in context X
> > with uid/gid ((X << 16) | ID) ...

okay, let's assume you patched the kernel with
CTX13 and quota01 patches ...
now you can do some tests to check the new functionality

# chcontext --ctx 100 touch /tmp/context100.file
# chcontext --ctx 101 echo "Test" >/tmp/context101.file

# ls -l /tmp/

should now report group/ownership of 100*(2^16) and
101*(2^16) which means root in ctx 100/101 ...

now su to some account in the physical server and
do the same chcontext actions as this user ... you should
see that the uid/gid changes to 100*(2^16)+uid/gid of that
user ... and the access restrictions are now active.

if you apply the "new" quota01-quota02 patch
(it also applies on the 2.4.19 version *G*) you should
also be able to perform the following trick ..

user# echo "Hello" >/tmp/user_ctx0.file
user# chmod go-rwx /tmp/user_ctx0.file
user# chcontext --ctx 100 ls -l /tmp/user_ctx0.file
user# chcontext --ctx 100 vi /tmp/user_ctx0.file

edit something and exit with write ...

user# ls -l /tmp/user_ctx0.file

... should now report an uid/gid in 100' context
(so the file has migrated to this context)

> about quota-tool we run in inside the vserver or in the root server??
> and about the mtab ?

quota-tools should, for now, only be run in the
physical context (CTX == 0) or the special info
context (CTX == 1)

# quotacheck -acugx

... should update the quota information for all discs
to reflect the user/group/context quota ...

# repquota -au
# repquota -ag
# repquota -ax

... should report the quota of user/group/context

> need more info test it please....

what I really would appreciate, would be some
real world "test" scenario with at least 2-3
virtual server, with different applications running
on, to see if the mothifications influence and/or
break any programs ...

(this would only work with quota02 and up, because
 quota01 would break many programs for sure)

the next step would be to modify the user-land
quota tools edquota, quotaon/off and quota to
respect the ctx quota ... so we can actually set/
enforce the context quota ...


PS: updates will go to the web-page, and you'll
receive an email as long as solucorp seems down ...

PPS: is Tedsuo == Tetsuo (as in Akira?)

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