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From: Dave (djp_at_comm.it)
Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 14:19:47 GMT

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 21:03, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> >> IMHO, It should not be possible for a context to exceed it's quota when
> >> some users have not. This is the point of quota mechanism. Guarantee
> >> space on the disk and not allow for over-booking. Allocated user quota
> >> should be subtracted from the total context quota, so that any users
> >> with no quota should not be able to use that space. So in a way, users
> hmm, that might be the original idea of quota, but
> all current implementations do not guarantee, but only
> limit the maximum available resources ...
> if you want to guarantee, you then simply must do the
> math an make sure that enough physical disk space is
> available (or in the context case, the context quota
> lies above the sum of all user quotas)

If you do this, then the root user of the context will be able to raise
its allocated quota as much as he likes, by just increasing the quota of
any user he likes. The context quota will always be added to that.

The correct behavior should be to subtract any allocated quota from the
allocated context quota.

If you run a quotarep statistics on all users, you'll see at the bottom
some summary showing you

        -) Total Available Stace
        -) Allocated Quota
        -) Quota left for allocation

When you allocate quota to a user, that is subtracted from the quota
left for allocation value. Am I missing something?

So for Vserver to support quota "properly", you need to guarantee the
space allocated to each context or accept the consequences (like I
explained on another reply).


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