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From: Klavs Klavsen (klavs_at_EnableIT.dk)
Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 17:42:36 GMT

great reasoning. Thanks for taking the time John - my reply was a little
shortheaded ;)

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 16:48, John P. Eisenmenger wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Lars Braeuer wrote:
> >
> >
> > well, why don't you just symlink /sbin/rc to /etc/rc.d/rc ?
> > if it doesn't exist, it shouldn't be a problem !?
> 1) Because it won't work - Gentoo's rc expects symbolic names as opposed
> to numbers (i.e. "/sbin/rc default" and not "/sbin/rc 3").
> 2) Because we should not have to make every distribution look like a
> Redhat system in order for it to start properly.
> 3) Because the "root" user of a vserver may not be us. In that case we
> don't want them removing said symlink because it isn't needed on a real
> Gentoo system, thus breaking automatedstartup.
> 4) Because it'd be a lot easier to say "To start a Gentoo Linux system add
> the following lines to your vserver.conf file" as opposed to "you need
> to hack the vserver script" or "do all the following so its startup
> scripts work like Redhat".
> Also, just to clarify something, I wouldn't totally replace STARTCMD and
> STOPCMD with values read from vservers.conf, but simply allow one to
> override STARTCMD and STOPCMD by setting values in the vservers.conf.
> There's no need to break the functionality that currently exists in the
> vserver script, and doing so would cause problems with virtually all
> current vserver users.
> -John
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> John P. Eisenmenger
> jpe_at_eisenmenger.org

Klavs Klavsen

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