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From: Matt Ayres (matta_at_kindhosts.com)
Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 22:36:02 GMT

Did you try this first before making assumptions? I have Gentoo running
under vserver using fakeinit and it runs fine. My assumption is that it
runs /sbin/init as the command to start the server, hence running that
particular distributions init scripts. I'm not sure if that's exactly
what it does, but it does indeed run the init scripts and bring up the
services. You need to remove the boot runlevel as these scripts will
hang under a vserver and the default runlevel will never be run.

Matt Ayres

On 2 Nov 2002, Klavs Klavsen wrote:

> On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 23:15, Matt Ayres wrote: > > > > A much easier way to do this is to simply use the fakeinit flag. You also > > need to remove everything from the boot runlevel. > > > Actually the fakeinit flags just means init isn't run (as far as I can tell) which > means that the services I wanted to start automagically at boot - no > longer is started (bad thing). So yes, I can start the vserver with the > fakeinit flag, but then it won't startup my services if I happen to boot > the server. This is actually pretty shitty, as I am going to run > important services under vserver, so my solution has to be to change > the relevant values (as suggested by John P. Eisenmenger) with variables > I can set in the vserver.conf. > > I would like to suggest this addon for the next version of the vserver > utilities as it means I can run every system under vserver - no fuzz. > > -- > Regards, > Klavs Klavsen > > --------------| This mail has been sent to you by: |------------ > Klavs Klavsen - Open Source Consultant > klavs_at_EnableIT.dk - http://www.EnableIT.dk > > Get PGP key from www.keyserver.net - Key ID: 0x586D5BCA > Fingerprint = 2873 188C 968E 600D D8F8 B8DA 3D3A 0B79 7E06 3C62 > ---------------------------------------------------------------- > Open Source Software - Sometimes you get more than you paid for. > -- unknown >

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