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From: Cathy Sarisky (cathy_at_acornhosting.net)
Date: Tue 05 Nov 2002 - 21:29:16 GMT

My root server runs a webserver (AOLserver) configured to listen to the public IP, a mail server (postfix) configured to listen to (look at main.cf, I don't remember the parameter) and sshd, listening to the public IP (look at sshd_config for ListenAddress. Uncomment and change from

That was all it took. A netstat -antu reveals if you've missed something.

My root server has a typical /etc/hosts file (nothing special), my vservers have two lines: localhost localhost.localdomain servername.tld
64.xx.xx.xx localhost localhost.localdomain servername.tld

(64.xx.xx.xx is the IP assigned to the vserver)

That seems to work. I took out the line entirely at one point, but that caused some problems. Defining localhost twice sounds weird but seems to work fine. Comments on why would be welcome. :)

Cathy Sarisky
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From: Gerrit Hoetzel <gt_at_hzhome.mine.nu>
Reply-to: vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 19:39:48 +0000

>On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 03:49:12PM -0800
>Cathy Sarisky <cathy_at_acornhosting.net> wrote:
>> You typically do NOT run services listening to in the main server,
>So you really run all your services in your main server chbind' or at
>least bound to the IP of ethX ?
>Do you have replaced with your ethX-IP in /etc/hosts like this:
> mypc.mydomain.com localhost
>Gerrit Hoetzel

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