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From: Lars Braeuer (lbraeuer_at_mpex.net)
Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 15:10:13 GMT

as cathy says, there are many variable to be considered. I'm running
several vservers
on two AMD systems and never experienced anything like this so far
(hopefully it'll stay this way).

here's the setup of one of my servers:
AMD 1.2 Ghz , 1GB RAM (no himem), ext3, hardware raid 5.
vserver 0.20 with a self compiled kernel 2.4.19, patched with the
2.4.19ctx-13 patch.

another thing to consider: could it be related to the software raid?
since at least
two of you complaining about the stabiltiy of the vservers are using
software raids?


Jon Bendtsen wrote:

> Paul Sladen wrote:
> >On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> >
> >>On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 04:15:51PM -0800, Cathy Sarisky wrote:
> >>
> >>>it becomes ssh-able again for a few moments during the shutdown
> process.
> >>
> >>I *really* wish this server wasn't in a data center across the
> country!
> >
> >You're not the only one. My other problem is that I don't own any
> other
> >fast Intel stuff, other my colo'ed stuff and I haven't got the where-
> >with-all to run duplicate development setups here. (Or even any
> development
> >setups at all...)
> I get occasionaly lockups on mine, so i recently upgraded to
> 2.4.19 and the lastest ctx, but that didnt help.
> A more pressing problem is that the samba daemon i run on it
> dies when i beat it up. I've considered switching to NFS since
> i'm the only user of that server, but it is on another network :/
> so people could access a NFS server.
> Does anyone have any idea why samba dies ?
> JonB


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