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From: Lars Braeuer (lbraeuer_at_mpex.net)
Date: Thu 05 Dec 2002 - 00:03:43 GMT

some (late) feedback.

I just installed a debian vserver on a suse 8.0 system with almost no

I'm getting a few problems when running tools like du, but it's probably
related to something else:
du: cannot change to directory `./proc/1/fd': Permission denied
(proc is mounted properly).

Paul Sladen wrote:

> I just mailed this to Jack. People are probably mostly after the
> Debian-ised `newvserver' script. (Based on Mark Lawrence's code).
> This installs Debian straight off the web from Debian.org's world-wide
> network of mirrors. (apt-get rules doesn't it!).
> I'm interested in feedback. This should work on *.RPM with the
> installation
> of "debootstrap.rpm", the Debian bootstrap program. (see below)
> Other people with distribution specific scripts may like to look at this
> newvserver, as it includes quite a few extra things such as randomizing
> `crontab', to prevent the major disk-thrash when 100 vservers all
> decide to
> run `updatedb' at 06:23am in the morning!
> This is a `newvserver' for Debian woody.
> http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian/debian-newvserver.sh
> See `--help' for the rest of the options. For example:
> % debian-newvserver --hostname tubby --domain sploge.com --ip
> On an RPM host, you need the alien'ed package of `debootstrap' (newvserver
> will tell you the canonical URL to download it from if it doesn't find
> it):
> http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian/debootstrap-
> There's also an optional patch to `vserver' which fixes `screen' and
> `mesg'
> by detecting Debian and setgid-mounting `devpts' with the gid parameters
> from `/etc/defaults/devpts'--if it finds it in the vserver. (not
> required).
> http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian/vserver-0.21-debian.patch
> Enjoy. I'm interested in feedback, tell me if it breaks!

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