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From: Lars Braeuer (lbraeuer_at_mpex.net)
Date: Sat 07 Dec 2002 - 16:38:28 GMT

Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> I did not check the suse base packages, they seem to
> include several files (which will be necessary), but
> maybe there is another package representing the mentioned
> pre-installed files, but I can give you an example for
> mandrake ...
> # rpm -ql basesystem-8.2-1mdk
> (contains no files)
> # rpm -q --provides basesystem-8.2-1mdk
> basesystem = 8.2-1mdk

see the output of rpm -ql aaa_base (from my hostsystem) on bottom.

> >So do you mean that it's the right approach to copy a set of base files
> >(passwd/group/shadow) from the installation cd before running the base
> >installation, so that everyhting is there for a "base" installation? and
> >afterwards just install the aaa_base package?
> yes, I think so, but maybe you should take a look
> at the installation scripts, on the SuSE CD ...

I can't find any. there are a few lists of the different installation
methods (minimal, full, etc.) but they also start with the aaa_base packet.
I think the rest of the installation process is not transparent. maybe
I'm getting something wrong here.

> >On a redhat vserver installation, which rpm is responsible for the
> >passwd and group files?
> if you have all RPMs of any rpm based distribution, you
> can easily create a list of files/provides included.
> # rpm -ql -p
> will list all files in a package (or in the given packages)
> # rpm -q --provides -p
> will list the provided symbols/versions ...
> so if you make a loop over all packages, writing
> the package name and then listing the files/provides
> you'll be able to locate packages for files easily.

I know the commands you posted above, I just don't have a redhat system
installed to check this. ah, well rpmfind shows a rpm called "setup".

A set of system configuration and setup files. RedHat-8.0 for i386


don't wonder that /etc/passwd is not included here. it's created by the
preinstall script, in case it is not already present in the system.

# rpm -ql aaa_base

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