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From: Wray Cason (wrayman_at_auxiliumcomputing.com)
Date: Thu 19 Dec 2002 - 10:15:05 GMT

I am trying to run vnc within a vserver.

My goal is to run VMWARE in vnc on the vserver, thus having a remotely
accessible winblows machine available for a must have app. None of that is
important at this point though.

Understandably, I must have certain X components installed in the vserver in
order to run vnc, XFree86, twm, fonts, etc. I have run into a problem that I
don't understand entirely. Here is the log output from the vncserver.

19/12/02 17:37:53 Xvnc version 3.3.6 - built Nov 26 2002 15:19:26
19/12/02 17:37:53 Copyright (C) 2002 RealVNC Ltd.
19/12/02 17:37:53 Copyright (C) 1994-2000 AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.
19/12/02 17:37:53 All Rights Reserved.
19/12/02 17:37:53 See http://www.realvnc.com for information on VNC
19/12/02 17:37:53 Desktop name 'X' (mymachine:1)
19/12/02 17:37:53 Protocol version supported 3.3
19/12/02 17:37:53 Listening for VNC connections on TCP port 5901
xterm: no available ptys: No such file or directory

I have two questions. First, how do I work around the "no available ptys"
problem. I don't understand well enough how the vserver is different from a
stock server in this regard. Second, does anyone have any comments or
concerns about what I am trying to do with vnc and vmware?

Thanks and have a happy holiday season.

Wray Cason "Wrayman"
Auxilium Computing
main: 206-595-2080
fax:  425-895-9825

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