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From: edward_at_DigitalAngel.com.au
Date: Sun 29 Dec 2002 - 01:44:59 GMT

Hi Mauro,

It appears that pppd needs the following extra privileges:


If you modify your vserver conf file and put the above line in there, pppd should work ok.

However, the power of root inside vserver with the above capabilities would be fairly close to
that of the root server so it may not be the most secure thing to do because one could do
 a lot of damage to the host system from inside such vserver when compromised
(particularly with CAP_SYS_ADMIN and CAP_NET_ADMIN enabled)


On Saturday, 28 December 2002 at 23:49, Mauro Luzi wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to run pptpd daemon inside a vserver, but when the process
> calls pppd I obtain this message:
> pppd: This system lacks kernel support for PPP. This could be because
> the PPP kernel module could not be loaded, or because PPP was not
> included in the kernel configuration. If PPP was included as a
> module, try `/sbin/modprobe -v ppp'. If that fails, check that
> ppp.o exists in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/net.
> See README.linux file in the ppp distribution for more details.
> >From the root server pptpd runs correctly. PPP is a module.
> Can I use ppp on vserver? I think that it could be useful, e.g. for
> ppp-over-ssh.
> Greetings
> --
> Mauro Luzi <linux_at_sanmarcoinformatica.it>
> Sanmarco Informatica S.p.A.

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