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From: Eje Gustafsson (Macahan_at_fament.com)
Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 00:03:49 GMT

Dear Alexander,
AS> Hi.

AS> As far as I guess, the point is minimal set of packages for vserver, right?
AS> This set is IMHO even far from being optimal, moreover, such packages
AS> as gpm, man, modutils and so on and so forth are completely useless in vserver. My almost freshly-created debian vserver contains 91 package, including mc and ssh and maybe something else. So the

I guess that completely depends. I do belive gpm is require by vim,
modutils are require by the rc scripts I do believe.
And *I* require man pages as well if I use vserver for hosting for
others *they* require man pages.
Sure you might know all the switches for grep, find and tar but I sure
do not know them all just the basic ones (been a unix admin for 8
years now with everything from Linux, Freebsd, bsd386, Irix, HPUX) and
then you have things like ps and a few others that are different
depending on the system.

AS> actual minimal set is even smaller. Although debian's packaging system is far more advanced than rh's, I don't really think that rh requires bigger number of packages. I may post my minimal set
AS> in debian if someone needs it.

I was asked to post what I had come up with. I guess my notion in my
mail wasn't enough that it was what I felt was needed and useful.

/ Eje

AS> On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:40:00 +0100
AS> Marcin Suchożebrski <marcins_at_wdc.pl> wrote:

>> Eje Gustafsson wrote:
>> > A while back I was asked to post the RH 8.0 minimum list that I had
>> > come up with.
>> Your minimum IMO is far away from minimum RPM set. :-) I work on it, now i've 108 RPMs and it will go down. Now my minimum base has ~160MB. When i'll finish i'll write my minimum set of RPMs.
>> Minimum does not means optimum, but minimum set prepard for upgrade (f.ex. for install compliators, internet-tools like telnet, mtr, traceroute, wget etc.)
>> [...]
>> > gpm-1.19.3-23.i386.rpm
>> [...]
>> As many others in your minimum set - gpm over ssh? Sounds nice. ;-)

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