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From: Mario Lorenz (ml-vserver_at_vdazone.org)
Date: Wed 22 Jan 2003 - 22:12:19 GMT


I have set up a box with vserver using the xfmonkey redhat 2.4.18-19.7.2
kernel RPMs as per the FAQ.

The setup is out of the box; single eth0 network setup with a single IP
address of the host machine, and one vserver with its IP address configured
on the vserver.conf file, netmasks there kept empty (but that doesnt
matter-I tested).

The problem I have is that once I start the vserver, the host computer
will change its primary IP, eg, it will talk to other machines in the LAN
using the IP of the new vserver instance. What is worse tho, once
I stop the vserver (and its associated interface goes down), I cannot talk
to any machine on the LAN anymore; telnet will complain about invalid
parameters and not even attempt; incomming traffic to the old IP does
however work.

Now I didnt do any chbind on the host machine, and overall am puzzled why
this happens.
Looking into the xfmonkey source RPM, it seems like the vserver patch there
is ctx-12 which seems rather old.

a) Any hints on how to get the abovementioned problem sorted, using the
"standard" xfmonkey RPM ?

b) Any backports of ctx-16 to RedHat 2.4.18-19 ? I tried patching manually,
fixing a couple rejects was easy, but the O(1) scheduler stuff I cannot seem
to be able to fix...

Any other hints ?

Best regards,


Mario Lorenz                            Internet:    <ml_at_vdazone.org>
                                        Ham Radio:   DL5MLO_at_OK0PKL.#BOH.CZE.EU
Remember: In god we trust -- all others we polygraph.
  -- Jim Christy, Assistant for law enforcement, US Air Force

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