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From: klavs klavsen (kl_at_vsen.dk)
Date: Wed 29 Jan 2003 - 23:39:04 GMT

Hi guys,

I'm really at a loss here :(

I need to run IPv6 (as I'm heading up a project where our 6.000 SSLUG
members is going to have a members-ipv6-network :) and vserver, as I
have come to depend on this (ie. I can't live without - all my services
and whatever I have, and work on is under their own vservers).

However, as described earlier, I can't figure out how to apply the
vserver patch to a USAGI-patched (linux-ipv6.org) kernel - and AFAIK
there is no Linux-2.5 vserver patch yet (as 2.5 contains USAGI ipv6
implementation - this would make my day).

Even though vserver, does not support vservers with an ipv6 address,
that is not a problem, since many of us use iptables package redirects
anyways - it's just using that for redirecting to the ipv4 vserver
and/or use a ipv6->ipv4 converter, which comes with the kernel (for easy

Shortly put, it will be possible to use vserver, for sites with a ipv6
address - as soon as a patch is available for 2.5 or 2.4+usagi..
(crossing fingers, hoping etc. etc. :)

Has anyone else thought about this ?(and perhaps someone who would know
how to do it - as I tried - but as you can see from my previous post, I
can't figure out how to get the patch applied to my 2.4.20-usagi, and I
haven't got a clue how to get vserver ported to 2.5 :(

Klavs Klavsen

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