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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 10 Feb 2003 - 16:07:10 GMT

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 11:59:25AM -0300, Alejandro Mery Pellegrini wrote:
> hi,
> there is any url to get a vquota-only patch to apply
> against a linux-2.4.20+ctx16 instead of against a clean linux-2.4.20?

last time I checked the patches where at
http://www.13thfloor.at/VServer/ *G*

... means vquota-0.10 patch for a ctx14 patched linux-2.4.20

I recently received an email, that the patches
should/could work with 2.4.20-ctx16, although I
did not verify that, it sounds reasonable ...

> second i want to confirm if i understand vquota/vserver.
> what do i need is..
> - linux 2.4.20
> - quota support
> - quota-tools-3.08
> - ctx16

modulo what I wrote above ...

> - vserver-0.22
> - vquota-??
> - vquota-tools-0.12
> ?
> is this right? do i need to patch quota-tools?
> do i need something else?

depends on what you plan to do with vquota ...

the patch itself (vquota-0.10) is described in

to put it simple: it adds a context quota, and
uses 16bit uid/gid + context info to make virtual
32bit uids/gids ...

you do not need any modifications to the quota
tools to use the 32bit combined quota infos.
you will require static context numbers and
the new v2 quota patches which are included in
vquota 0.10 (see ChangeLog) ...

each context will get its own set of 16bit
quotas, and these quotas (setable from ctx 0/1)
will be enforced like normal quotas ...

to access (get/set) the context quota (not the
user/group quotas) you will require the patched
version of the quota-tools ...

the current concept/version does not include
the ability to perform quotacheck within any
context except context 0, and bulk user/group
quota queries within a chrooted environment will
fail because there are no quota files ...

if you have any specific questions, feel free
to contact me ...


> Best Regards,
> Alejandro Mery

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