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From: John Goerzen (jgoerzen_at_complete.org)
Date: Fri 14 Feb 2003 - 23:34:15 GMT

Eje Gustafsson <Macahan_at_fament.com> writes:

> I got a Gigabyte GA-7ZXE mobo with via chipset on it.
> IRQ 9 is shared between the USB Controller: Via Technologies and my
> network card identified in /proc/pci as
> Ethernet Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc VT86C100A (Rhine)
> also on Irq 9.

Over here, we have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 server:

 * Two 2GHz Xeon processors, SMP, with HyperThreading (4 logical


 * 136GB disk space on RAID-5 powered by an aacraid SCSI hardware RAID

 * Two Broadcom 5700 gigabit NICs using the bcm5700 driver (the tg3
   driver is also available for these NICs)

 * Full netfilter/iptables config for doing masq and the like.
   Configured with the nice Shorewall firewall.

 * Two serial ports hooked up to external modems for our FAX server.

 * Light network load at present. Fairly intensive database load at
   certain times of the day, but for most of the day, relatively
   light. This has not yet happened during one of the busiest times
   of day.

 * 2.4.20ctx16 has been showing the problems. 2.4.19ctx13 looks fine.

> Sounds like a very plausible explanation that fits right into my case.
> Would be interesting to hear John Goerzen's system setup since we both
> are running the 2.4.20ctx-16 kernel and both had the same type of
> crash

I at first thought it was plausible too, since there have been reports
of bugs in both the bcm5700 and tg3 drivers. But since you're using
something entirely different, this sounds less likely.

-- John

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