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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Wed 19 Feb 2003 - 13:55:38 GMT

Hi Debby!

I must have missed your "original" posting, and dug it
out after I didn't get the issue from your recent posting ...

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 01:22:09PM +0100, Debby wrote:
> How can I access the internet and intranet from inside a vserver?
> Here is the setting:
> Internet (IN) <--> (hardware) Router (R) <--> 2 PCs (A,B)
> -> Installed on PC 'A' is Woody (unstable) (IP with one
> vserver ('V') also with Woody (unstable) (IP
> -> Installed on PC 'B' is Woody (stable) (IP
> -> The gateway/router has the IP

according to the *.x mentioned below, I assume that
your netmask ist (if not please say so?)

> What I would like is to access the internet and PC 'A' and 'B' from the
> vserver. Whatever I do it is not possible. I tried to change the
> routing-table etc.

if you assign e.g. to one of the vservers
set the netmask (see above) correctly and specify the
router (in the physical server) the virtual server
should be able to reach outside (if the router permits
it) ...

> To update the vserver I have to give it the same IP as PC
> 'A' ('*.10*') and change it back to '*.23' later using 'vserver V start /
> stop' in this context. Also I would like to access the vserver from the
> outside - from PC 'A' and 'B' (e.g. apache, mail, ...).

access from pc A, B should work out of the box, outside
access requires a mapping (NAT) from a public ip address
to the private range (as for pc A or B) ...

> Do I need to do something like:
> Internet (IN) <--> (hardware) Router (R) <--> NAT/MASQ on PC
> (A) <--> vserver (V)?

should not be required, although many spectacular things
are possible with 2.4 routing tables ;) ...

> Also I am intersted in knowing if it is possible to run KDE on PC
> 'A' and GNOME on the vserver 'V' with them showing up on different
> consols.

first, it is possible to run two versions of X on one
PC on differen consoles, each with a different session/window
manager, as long as they do not interfere ..
(see the :display option in X)
second, if given the required priviledges, the vserver
would be able to open an X display on any available console
> Is it at all possible to run X on the main server and on the
> vserver(s)? What about two or more vserver running X-applications ...?

another option would be to run X without local display
and attach via xdmcp (X Display Manager Control Protocol)
from pc A or B (have a look at the xdm manpage)

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 10:26:16AM +0100, Debby wrote:
> Hi guys,
> thanks to Luis Miguel Silva`s help (iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s
> insert.vserver.ip -d 0/0 -j SNAT --to insert.internet.ip) I can now access
> the internet from within a vserver - BUT I cannot access the vserver(s) from
> outside the host-computer. The host IP and the IPs of the vservers are in the > same IP-range (192.168.x.y). Does anyone know how to access the different
> services (ssh, apache, ...) on a vserver from the outside? What things have
> to be set up/installed?

if for example pc A should serve as web server, but the
apache server is on virtual server V, it would be best
to do port forwarding of port 80 (or whatever port used)

hope that helps,

PS: do not underestimate the importance of netmasks 8-)

> Thanks a lot,
> Debby

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