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From: Eje Gustafsson (macahan_at_fament.com)
Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 02:19:02 GMT

Hello Sam,

Done some investigations here.. After a slow start (had a heck of a
trouble getting the patch to take and kernel to compile. I had missed
a important thing.. to do the ac2 patch first -lol-)

I notice a funny thing here right of the bat.
If on my ac2-ctx16 box do
then it sits and sits and finally give me a connection timed out no
servers could be reached..

On my network capture box I see the following
src dst Prot DNS Info Standard query A www.fament.com

Well DOH. No wounder it will not work. is localhost but it
gets sent out on the network !!!???

First when I started up the box and started playing around I couldn't
get my local dns to answer to queries but I'm not sure if that was
because a config in the dns or what. Because after a while playing
around it worked to set the server to and I would get
the queries as I should.

But the request that gets sent out on ethernet is a big
booboo to start with.

Stay tuned more tests in progress.

Best regards,
 Eje Gustafsson mailto:MacAhan_at_fament.com
The Family Entertainment Network http://www.fament.com
Phone : 620-231-7777 Fax : 620-231-4066
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eBay UserID : macahan

SV> Well, if anyone can help debug the DNS problem with the ctx patch for the 
SV> -ac kernel;

SV> http://vilain.net/linux/ctx/patch-2.4.20-ac2-ctx16.gz

SV> Find out exactly what isn't working to stop DNS from working, give me an SV> exact description (eg, UDP packets to don't get through), SV> potentially isolating the problem to whether it affects localhost only, SV> external packets, etc ...

SV> There was a small piece where the merge wasn't quite straightforward in the SV> 2.4.21-pre4-ac6 patch that I did, that was in the UDP code. So if someone SV> can verify whether the problem exists in the 2.4.20-ac2-ctx16 patch and SV> nail it down to an exact functional cause (ie, using strace, netstat, SV> tcpdump) ... I'm sure everyone here with the crash problem would be SV> grateful.

SV> This kernel uses a completely different scheduler, so is guaranteed not to SV> have the same scheduling bug.

SV> I've just been too busy of late to set up a test environment, vserver isn't SV> what i'm making money off any more...

SV> Sam.

SV> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 07:53, Eje Gustafsson wrote: >> Ok. Here we go. Crashed again. Got me another 48 hours of run time. >> Just curious is ctx-14 or ctx-13 more stable then 16 and 15 ? >> If I understand it right earlier version then 15 do not have >> functional udp stack ? So doing snmp calls from inside one vserver >> will not work at all if I go with anything prior to 15 ? >> How does this work for named ? It's using UDP ? Are you not able >> to run named in a vserver in < ctx-15 ?

>> I'm NOT a kernel programer. Been ages since I did any C/C++ programing >> at all. I not done anything but php/perl/mysql/html coding for the >> last 2 or so years.

SV> What are you, a man or a mouse ? :-)

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