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From: John P. Eisenmenger (jpe_at_eisenmenger.org)
Date: Mon 10 Mar 2003 - 17:11:43 GMT

I took a quick look into it last night. What I saw with tcpdump was the
UDP DNS query going out, the response coming back, then my host responded
with an ICMP "destination unreachable" message. So it looks like when the
DNS response packet is received, my host cannot find the matching UDP port
for the received packet.

All this was on the host server's IP address. I didn't even start my

Hope this helps,

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Sam Vilain wrote:

> Well, if anyone can help debug the DNS problem with the ctx patch for the
> -ac kernel;
> http://vilain.net/linux/ctx/patch-2.4.20-ac2-ctx16.gz
> Find out exactly what isn't working to stop DNS from working, give me an
> exact description (eg, UDP packets to don't get through),
> potentially isolating the problem to whether it affects localhost only,
> external packets, etc ...
> There was a small piece where the merge wasn't quite straightforward in the
> 2.4.21-pre4-ac6 patch that I did, that was in the UDP code. So if someone
> can verify whether the problem exists in the 2.4.20-ac2-ctx16 patch and
> nail it down to an exact functional cause (ie, using strace, netstat,
> tcpdump) ... I'm sure everyone here with the crash problem would be
> grateful.
> This kernel uses a completely different scheduler, so is guaranteed not to
> have the same scheduling bug.
> I've just been too busy of late to set up a test environment, vserver isn't
> what i'm making money off any more...
> Sam.
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 07:53, Eje Gustafsson wrote:
> > Ok. Here we go. Crashed again. Got me another 48 hours of run time.
> > Just curious is ctx-14 or ctx-13 more stable then 16 and 15 ?
> > If I understand it right earlier version then 15 do not have
> > functional udp stack ? So doing snmp calls from inside one vserver
> > will not work at all if I go with anything prior to 15 ?
> > How does this work for named ? It's using UDP ? Are you not able
> > to run named in a vserver in < ctx-15 ?
> > I'm NOT a kernel programer. Been ages since I did any C/C++ programing
> > at all. I not done anything but php/perl/mysql/html coding for the
> > last 2 or so years.
> What are you, a man or a mouse ? :-)
> --
> Sam Vilain, sam_at_vilain.net
> UNIX, n:
> Anything which is subtly incompatible with everything else claming
> to be a UNIX.

John P. Eisenmenger

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