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From: Eje Gustafsson (macahan_at_fament.com)
Date: Wed 12 Mar 2003 - 02:59:06 GMT

Hello Roderick,

Last month I posted what I found to be the absolutely bare minimum to
get a bootable system

I followed most of the directives and suggestions from
Except that I actually now skips the part about the rpm database it
gets built and functional with the install and works great so why
spend a whole lot of time on that.

Should save you a bundle of time and this way you don't have to pull
things out of system but rather just add what you need to it.

I copied all these packages into a single directory and have a couple
of sub directories with stuff needed for web, mail, named, database.
I do a
rpm -ivh --root=/vserver/servername *rpm
from my main directory. Then I have a template
/etc/vserver/server.conf and /etc/vserver/server.sh that I alter the
ip in and the server fqdn.
Then I install any additional services I might want and need from my
subdirectories generally copy latest webmin into
vserver servername enter
remove the /etc/init.d/network and /etc/init.d/halt /etc/init.d/random
copy in a updated syslog into /etc/init.d/ (that don't start klogd)
and create a correct resolv.conf in /etc as well create a correct
etc/sysconfig/network file
copy in a faked mtab and fstab

Then i put a password for root
install webmin (important to do this AFTER you set a root password
since webmin grabs your set root password hench no password configured
means no password for webmin) and now I exit the vserver start it end
enter it and if I run mysql on it I set a password on it and alter any
of the services I want to be running (vsftpd is disabled by default,
mysql isn't started by default and a few other things that you can
check with chkconfig --list )

Best regards,
 Eje Gustafsson mailto:MacAhan_at_fament.com
The Family Entertainment Network http://www.fament.com
Phone : 620-231-7777 Fax : 620-231-4066
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eBay UserID : macahan

RAA> Ever since I compiled my very-own kernel (and it works) I'm feeling kind 
RAA> of smug.  The system has been up for 5 days plus some hours without 
RAA> getting hit by the infamous ctx16 bug(?).

RAA> So I'm once again in search of the minimal vserver. This time I taken a RAA> different approach. Since many of us seem to to be having a problem with RAA> creating a new vserver from RHL CDs I took the cheap route and made my RAA> base one from the main server. I'm now in the process of clearing out all RAA> the inapropriate and unnecessary stuff. A final clean up on a vserver by RAA> vserver basis will be performed as they are created.

RAA> So to the nuts and bolts of the issue. Has anyone trimed /etc/init.d down RAA> to those things that can and need to run in a vserver. ntpd sure is a RAA> candidate along with rawdevices. What else can I deleted? I am not RAA> concerned about breaking RPM packages, such as deleting a file inserted / RAA> created by a package.

RAA> Any thoughts?


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