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From: debby_at_aachenconsulting.de
Date: Wed 12 Mar 2003 - 07:33:27 GMT

I wonder how you manage to trim down Woody-vservers so that there remain only
some 20MB that cannot be shared (I suppose those are config files). Is there a
script to automate this? 'Ävunify' does not work with Debian ... and how do you
set the 'Immutable Linkage Invert' bit? I cannot 'chattr +I' - Do I need to
patch the ctx16-kernel ...?


Re: [vserver] Trimming the fat?
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 17:06:55 +1300
From: Sam Vilain <sam_at_vilain.net>
 To: vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca
Reply to: vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca

 Try starting with something like the debian potato base install if you want
something really trim. It's only 30MB.

Debian Woody seems to be more, about 80MB. About 10MB of that is dpkg
cache, and all but 20MB can be shared between vservers using Immutable
Linkage Invert.

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:11, you wrote:
> Ever since I compiled my very-own kernel (and it works) I'm feeling kind
> of smug. The system has been up for 5 days plus some hours without
> getting hit by the infamous ctx16 bug(?).
> So I'm once again in search of the minimal vserver. This time I taken a
> different approach. Since many of us seem to to be having a problem
> with creating a new vserver from RHL CDs I took the cheap route and made
> my base one from the main server. I'm now in the process of clearing
> out all the inapropriate and unnecessary stuff. A final clean up on a
> vserver by vserver basis will be performed as they are created.
> So to the nuts and bolts of the issue. Has anyone trimed /etc/init.d
> down to those things that can and need to run in a vserver. ntpd sure
> is a candidate along with rawdevices. What else can I deleted? I am
> not concerned about breaking RPM packages, such as deleting a file
> inserted / created by a package.
> Any thoughts?
> TIA,
> Rod

Sam Vilain, sam_at_vilain.net

Real Programmers don't like the Team Programming concept. Unless of course, they are the Chief Programmer.

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