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From: Lyashkov Alex (shadow_at_itt.net.ru)
Date: Tue 01 Apr 2003 - 01:36:25 BST

> > Added support divide iptables/arptables per context. (exept ip_queue )
> I'm in the process of splitting this up into manageble patches and came
> across some bugs in all(?) iptables modules you patched.
in all... ? hm.....

> in init() you read_unlock(&s_context_lock); when it should be read_lock
what file have this bug? example please.
grep -n -e read_lock -e read_unlock *

iptable_mangle.c:222: read_lock(&s_context_lock);
iptable_mangle.c:237: read_unlock(&s_context_lock);

iptable_mangle.c:276: read_lock(&s_context_lock);
iptable_mangle.c:285: read_unlock(&s_context_lock);

iptable_mangle.c:298: read_lock(&s_context_lock);
iptable_mangle.c:307: read_unlock(&s_context_lock);

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8006 Мар 24 05:38 iptable_mangle.c

first locked/second unlocked.
you don't agree ? it`s bug ?

> You don't happen to have these things splitted up into small nice
> patches?
it's gravely. this patch have ~19 parts.
arch ipc ipv4_vs kernel mm netdrv non_ip route sched vnet fs iptables
ipv6 loopback netcore net_sched other rtnetlink sockets

At this mail i attach very simple divide patch, but it' not full and cat be
not work.
It's one is old version snapshort, when i find what is cause kernel panic.

With best regards,

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