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From: Jonathan Sambrook (jonathan.sambrook_at_dsvr.co.uk)
Date: Wed 02 Apr 2003 - 11:13:16 BST

At 22:36 on Tue 01/04/03, jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca masquerading as 'Jacques Gelinas' wrote:

> Is this a featurism ? I mean, a script can find the context associated
> with a vserver from /var/run/vserver/*. Granted you are not using
> the tools (why ?), but your tool could do the same.

Why aren't we using the vserver userspace tools? Well, we've been running
several thousand vses on however many physical boxen quite happily
(well, more or less ;) for 4|5 years and don't want too many changes all
at once. "If it ain't broke, 'fix' it as little as possible."

Why put the names into kernelspace when it could be done in userspace?

new_s_context gains an extra parameter, but are you going to argue that
new_s_context is a 'nice' interface to start off with :) ?

We _never_ use the number, so, given we're starting from scratch,
building a larger amount of userspace scaffolding rather than a smaller
amount of kernelspace code doesn't make sense.

Overall it's cleaner to have the linked list in the kernel rather than
have to maintain it in userspace.

Other than keeping anything which can be outside of the kernel outside
of the kernel, what is gained by using numbers rather than names
in userspace?

As an aside:
On those occasions when you log into the root context on a machine and
need to enter a vs, it's nice to:

        chcontext --ctxname <name> bash

rather than have to look up the name->id->.

(Not that we'd do that since we have the bevs tool, but...)


 Jonathan Sambrook 
Software  Developer 
 Designer  Servers

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