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From: bolle (bolle_at_lieblinx.net)
Date: Wed 02 Apr 2003 - 15:36:19 BST

I had a similar problem. Setting up a Cyrus21 with exim on a vserver that
runs on a host with Debian Woody, 2.4.19ctx-15 (i think) kernel (vserver

The hosts' exim was blocking port 25 so that the vserver's MTA could not be
I found two solutions:
1. Stopping the host's exim. That is a little crude, but the verserver's MTA
could then recieve incoming smtp calls.
2. Restarting the hosts exim not in inetd but as a daemon with chbind to
eth0's original IP. The host's exim now accepts messages on port 25 and so
does the vserver's (on its dummy eth0:xxxx). This solution sounds a little
strange to me, because I thought, these system-calls were intended only for
the vservers and not for the hosts. But it works (at least up to now). Even
the other vservers now listen on port 25 for their IP


> Citat Martin List-Petersen <martin_at_list-petersen.dk>:
> I've tested this on 2 different installations with 4 different patches now.
> First machine is running Debian Woody, kernel 2.4.19ctx-15, vserver package
> 0.21-1 Second machine has been tested with three kernels (2.4.19ctx-15,
> 2.4.20ctx-16 and 2.4.20ctx-17), runs Debian Woody (vserver package 0.22-7)
> What happens is that both exim (which is in the default installation of
> Debian) and courier-imap simply bind their respective ports on all ips for
> all vservers (including the main ip), regardless of, that they are running
> in a vserver.
> Originally the vservers had CAP_NET_RAW capability, but i removed that to
> see, if that changed anything. Got the same problem.
> Attached is the kernel-config from the first server.
> All kernels are downloaded directly of kernel.org, patchted with the
> respective ctx patch from vserver and afterwards patched with lm-sensors.
> No fuzzes or likewise during patching !
> Any ideas to solve the problem are welcome.
> Regards,
> Martin List-Petersen
> martin at list-petersen dot dk

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