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From: Thomas Braselmann (braselmann_at_braselmann.net)
Date: Sat 05 Apr 2003 - 15:58:49 BST

Hello List,

i had trouble to patch the original 2.4.20 Kernel from Slackware 9.1
so i have installed the original kernel from kernel org.
patch it with ctx 17
the patch was okay

root_at_obelix:~# uname -a
Linux obelix 2.4.20 #17 Mon Mar 17 22:45:18 PST 2003 i686 unknown

i setup up a minimal /etc/vservers/01.conf

look like this

S_FLAGS="lock nproc"
ULIMIT="-H -u 5"

after compiling kernel an setup vserver software

vserver-admin-0.22-1.i386.tgz <- rpm2tgz under slack from vserver-admin-0.22-1.i386.rpm file

i have following failure after start the server

root_at_obelix:~# vserver 01 start
Starting the virtual server 01

/vservers/01/.. has insecure permissions.
A vserver administrator may be able to visit the root server.
To fix this, do
         chmod 000 /vservers/01/..
do it anytime you want, even if vservers are running.

Server 01 is not running
Can't set the ipv4 root (Bad address)

in the mailing list archiv i found only something about wrong patches or failed patches with this failure

about the permisson problem ...

/vservers is a ext2 partiton with defaults

/dev/sda13 /vservers ext2 defaults 1 2

drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Apr 3 21:34 vservers/

please anyone know about what it could be else ?
all kind of help are welcome

kind regards

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