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From: Keith Smethers (keithls_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 04:55:54 BST

Just testing to make sure vserver works by itself after merging it with other patches I've
applied. My next step is testing vserver in conjuction with the other patches.

--- Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca> wrote:
> On Thu, 8 May 2003 21:53:05 -0500, Keith Smethers wrote
> > The test is section 2.6.3, "Playing with /usr/sbin/chbind", from "Introduction to
> > vserver" on the
> > vserver homepage. If you confirm my results, comparing with ctx16 would be a debugging
> > start as
> > Georges Toth responded saying he successfully tested chbind in ctx16. Below is my
> > post describing
> > the problem.
> Ok, got it!
> Indeed we did a change of semantic lately. The idea is that if you try to connect to
>, you source address will be as well. The ipv4root is forced
> on outgoing connection only for other IP.
> This was done because some software have a single way to accept connection
> (IP socket), and test specifically to tell if this is a local connection.
> Now, the documentation should be reworked.
> Did you experienced problems around this stuff or you were only testing ?
> Note that at some point, vservers will have a real private loopback address. Now
> that they can listen to all IPs they have at once (bind any works), we can address
> this. This will allow a service to bind to and other IP using different sockets.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca>
> vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!
> http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/miscprj/s_context.hc

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