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From: Roderick A. Anderson (raanders_at_acm.org)
Date: Wed 21 May 2003 - 15:55:14 BST

Here I am again. Different system and I've actually tried several
different things to determine and correct the problem.

RHL 8.0 system, 2.4.20ctx-17, reference vserver based on the main server
and cleaned up. Issue is when stopping a vserver it always hangs when
shutting down eth0 - forever. Checking with vtop I see 95%+ cpu usage by
ip. Hopefully I didn't remove something important when I was cleaning out
the reference vserver and I'm not quite sure when it started happening.
This system is a "work when I get a few minutes thing" so it is pretty hit
and miss and I've been really stupid about not documenting the changes
I've made.
   I did note the RPM (iproute) that ip is a part of talks about the 2.2.x
kernels not the 2.4.x's. Could this be an issue? I'll create a new
reference vserver this evening - trying again from a RHL 8.0 CD and that
failing from the main server to see if my cleaning caused the problem.

Btw, has anyone got the build (newvserver) from a CD to work? It used to
- ctx-13/15, vserver 0.21 - if memory serves me correct but I've played
hell trying it to work with the later ctx kernels and vserver 0.22. When
I try again tonight I'll note the errors I'm getting. Heck the kernel
isn't an even numbered release but the package is. :-)


  "Open Source Software - Sometimes you get more than you paid for..."

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