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From: Alex Lyashkov (shadow_at_psoft.net)
Date: Tue 27 May 2003 - 17:15:21 BST

Hello All

sorry for unanswered mail. I test RSS limit, and after testers answer - i
publish snapshort.

> Suggestions for readjustments:
> - context creation/destruction should be independant
> of the actual processes (within the context)
> what I mean: create a context, set its properties
> (limits, rootpath, capabilities, ...), THEN fork
> some process into this context ...
hm.. no problem. add one function to new_s_context syscall.
it function must call alloc_s_context for created context with default
assigneds. Examle this - read inode from fs.

> - vroot (chroot path), capabilites and limits should
> become implicit features of a context
hm.. i think if add check contexts access in namei.c:vfs_permission (as check
in Herbert quotas) it not need add hack "dir 000" for disable escape from

> - chroot jail (and the permissions)
in work.

> - vserver root path (location)

> - quota files & support

> - disk limits (virtual on shared partition)
yes. but if vps have only one partition. if need more one partions in vps have
2 way:
1) map all partitions to one virtual. but we can add per partions limits.
2) add list for maping vps:partion:super_block to
all ways need change little code - functions

> - capability issues (venter vs. native)
hm. if task entered to context - all lmits for this task switched to context
limits. or you speak about other ?

> - process handling (freeze/stop/kill a vs)
on snapshot. CPU QoS beetwen context in process.

> - accounting/statistics across vs reboot
statistics save from kernel and restored on start.

> - networking (interfaces, iptables, ...)
devices, iptables - yes.
network packet scheduler - not.
network QoS beetwen context in process.

> - scheduling
scheduling per context ? as "Fair CPU scheduler" in ASPCompleate ?
I work on this way.

With best regards,

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