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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Thu 12 Jun 2003 - 01:05:43 BST

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 04:55:55PM -0700, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> And deleting vservers.
> Just because my last two posts caused so much 'interest' I'll get another
> going. :-)
> In another fix of insanity I created a new vserver by cloning a _running_
> vserver and unifying disk space. Big mistake it appears. Now I can't
> remove the whole vserver directory because the /dev/pts directory contains
> two files I can't rm (and I didn't even go to the other directory - I
> think it's /proc to see what the problem was there.)
> Since I've made similar mistakes in the past I found I could go from
> the ctx kernel to the 'other' kernel and then remove those directories.
> Question 1 is - is there a way to remove those 'sticky' files while the
> ctx kernel is running?

hmm, sounds interesting, could you probably give
some more info on those 'sticky' files of yours ...

/usr/lib/vserver/showattr and lsattr would be nice ...

> Question 2 is - is there another method to copy a vserver besides using
> the normal vserver utilities? I saw a few posts on doing this when moving
> to another system using rsync and a method using tar. Was there a
> consensus on how to do this.

I usually do it with dump/restore ...

# cd /vservers
# mkdir XXX
# cd XXX
# dump 0f - /vservers/<name> | restore rf -
# mv <name> ../<new-name>

> On another note, one of the threads I _started_ transformed to one on a
> vserver book/how-to. I'm going to start collecting tricks and information
> and after cleaning up their layout resubmit them to the list for review.
> Then I'll move them to a site (mine or someone else's.) These can become
> the basis for 'the book'.

good idea, I'm willing to proofread ...

> I'd like to start this process, based on the other threads, by asking
> what people are doing with vservers and what hardware they are running
> them on.
> Are you running productions systems - specialized or general, testing
> software, or experimenting? CPU, main board (consumer/server grade), RAM,
> drive interface (SCSI, IDE, iSCSI, etc.), case/cabinet, location (co-lo,
> desk-side, basement :-) and anything else you find interesting and/or
> unique about your system(s). Oh yeah, which distribution(s) are you using
> for your main server and vservers?


> Rod
> --
> "Open Source Software - Sometimes you get more than you paid for..."

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