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From: Luis Miguel Silva (lms_at_ispgaya.pt)
Date: Fri 20 Jun 2003 - 17:08:31 BST

your vservers name is to big?
you can only specify 4 letter names for the vserver (or has this changed in
recent versions? :o)

Luis Silva

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De: allenp_at_gentoo.hardcore-linux.net
Enviada: sexta-feira, 20 de Junho de 2003 17:04
Para: vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca
Assunto: [vserver] Maybe I'm a moron?

I have NO clue what the heck is going wrong here... I've included an
strace of "vserver <vserver-name> start" and I sincerely hope someone
will be able to help me out. I get the following output from vserver
<vserver-name> start:

:(root#gentoo root): vserver www.weedweb start
Starting the virtual server www.weedweb
Server www.weedweb is not running
ipv4root is now
Host name is now www.weedweb.net
Domain name is now
New security context is 15
:(root#gentoo root):

Again, I think I may be a moron, but could someone point me in the right
direction? I'm running 2.4.20-ctx17 on Gentoo 1.4 (shouldn't matter, but
gotta plug it cuz gentoo rocks), and previously had no problems with a
rh7.3 install (trying to get redhat8.0 to work now)... I used the
install-rh8.0 main minimum to make the template (and then went in behind
it to clean up after all that messiness it gave me). There are no failed
dependancies in the installed packageset, etc etc etc, I'm stumped.


Allen Parker

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