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From: Eje Gustafsson (macahan_at_fament.com)
Date: Sun 22 Jun 2003 - 08:49:00 BST

Uhm my understanding is that Herberts vquote patch make it so you do
NOT have to create a separate file system for each vserver...
Because what is the point with the patch if it did require it ? Since
nothing prevent you from using lvm without the patch and create
separate filesystems for each vserver..
The point with the patch is that you do NOT have to create separate
filesystems and that way you can unify the different verservers to
keep size to a minimum (can't unify across different file systems).

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RM> Hi,

RM> Am Son, 2003-06-22 um 06.47 schrieb Alex Lyashkov: >> You must use Herberts vquote patch or use my patches for RH kernels.

RM> I applied the vroot and vquota patches to the ctx kernel and also RM> recompiled quotatools and install vquota-tools and vserver-qc.

RM> Problem as far as i can see it: I'll have to create a new partition for RM> every vserver:

RM> "# mke2fs -j /dev/vg/part1 RM> # mkdir /vservers/LV01 RM> # mount /dev/vg/part1 /vservers/LV01 RM> "

RM> I never tried LVM things before - is there any howto available for doing RM> that?

RM> with kind regards, RM> Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

RM> Roland Moriz

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