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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Fri 04 Jul 2003 - 06:18:14 BST

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 01:11:49PM +1000, Fernando Serto wrote:
> > > if I use the "ping -I"
> > > from the vserver, I can ping my desktop, but, without
> > > the -I (still from the vserver) I can't.
> >
> > ahh, now you are talking facts ...
> These were the facts for me, since the beginning... As I needed this box to
> be running today, I pulled out the harddisk and installed slackware 9 from
> scratch, patched the kernel, compiled, configured lvm, run "vserver cartman
> build", changed cartman.conf file, changed /usr/sbin/vserver (to start with
> rc.M and stop with rc.0), and ZAZ! I have it running, with no dramas! I can
> ping everything, inside and outside... you know... everyone says that linux
> distro is like religion, but... as I'm "talking facts", redhat sux! It's
> almost a windows! things happen and no one can explain why... maybe these
> pre-built stuffs are the real problem. I just needed one reason to change
> all the redhat servers from the company to a decent linux distro (I really
> consider slackware a decent one), and I got it! it doesn't even run a
> software which is designed for it... :o)
> > please provide the first five lines of ping
> > on both machines (within the vserver) as well as the
> > output of ping -V
> I'll plug that redhat hd on another box at the end of the day, just to try
> to fix that problem... maybe there are other users waiting for this solution
> (and I think there are!).

just observe the 'from' in the first respond of
the ping command, I assume that the slackware 'ping'
automagically gets the source address right, where
the redhat tool just uses the first interface ...

if my assumptions are correct, and this is true, I
guess it all boils down to religion again ...


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