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From: Fernando Serto (fernando_at_serto.com.br)
Date: Thu 10 Jul 2003 - 03:39:03 BST

geez... I think it won't work at all... all the apache's will be listening
to a particular address, on port 80. when someone tries www.gdcourt.com it
will resolve a valid ip (ie ok, apache looks for the
"virtual name" after the connection has reached it... so, it doesn't matter
if www.gcourt.com and www.truocg.com are beeing resolved to the same address
(, only one apache will be able to "answer" for that request,
and after, you could redirect to a particular website ON THAT SAME APACHE.
If you're planning to only serve webpages, you could tell apache that
www.gcourt.com is in that directory (ie. /vservers/gcourt/www/htdocs) and
www.truocg.com is on another one (ie. /vservers/truocg/www/htdocs), but, not
run apache on different servers. if you do this apache "virtual names"
stuff, you really don't need vserver, otherwise, how would you let the users
connect to their vserver beeing outside your LAN (yes, it would be possible
if the users were in your internal network)?

got that?

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Subject: [vserver] A solution to the IPs....

> Hi there,
> I was thinking how to host vservers in a computer
> that has just one IP address in internet...and after A
> LOT OF RESEARCH in internet and in the archives if the
> list, I think I got a solution for my needs.
> I'm not sure If it will work, but here it is:
> First of all I will create virtual interfaces in my
> machine and apply different IP addresses for that
> interfaces (configuring them in ifconfig, after that I
> will use the the route command to add the interfaces
> in the network...). After the creation of that virtual
> interface I will need to configure the eth0 that has
> the internet IP to it be a "real" router, so that IP
> of the virtual interface may now be working fine in
> the network... So, after that, I set the "virtual" IP
> for a vserver.
> So...what do you think? Maybe it can be a solution to
> have all the vservers doing their apache duties in the
> port 80 of that virtual IPs...so when somebody access
> the IP in internet, all the vservers may be checking
> their name-based configs to answer for that domain...
> Actually, If possible, please somebody tell me an
> easy way to the router thing (didn't find anything
> about it in the archives).
> Thanks.
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