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From: Alex Lyashkov (shadow_at_psoft.net)
Date: Thu 10 Jul 2003 - 07:58:51 BST

On Thursday 10 July 2003 05:33, Herbert P÷tzl wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 02:12:31AM +0100, Sam Vilain wrote:
> I've done some categorizing of Alexey's
> rh-kernel-2.4.18-la-1054303950/ by splitting
> up each hunk into a directory/filename combo
> and manually reviewing and categorizing each
> of those parts ... I guess it is outdated.
i create patch for up to 1056256121 and add vps diskquota but not have time
for test and fix some problems.
If anybody have time to test and fix i can send this patchset.

> >
> > I don't know if you've come across this before, but if you supply the
> > -D DEFINENAME option to `patch', it will insert C-like #ifdef
> > DEFINENAME statements around each change to the source code. This can
> > assist in creating kernel Configure options for the code.
> and I'm 100% sure that nobody around Linus or
> Linus himself will accept a patch with 200++ #ifdefs,
> I wouldn't either ...
i think it add up 1-2Mbytes to kernel source code and need add to kernel some

> From my point of view, the following issues
> still have to be addressed ...
> - separation of namespace
disk namespace ? - done. snapshot send to testers.

> - complete virtual network (no alias stuff)
done without packet scheduler.

> - complete virtual capability set
hm.. what it`s ?

> - virtualized pids/pgs/[tp]tys
hm. i thinks not need wirtualize pids - but need change for_each_task to

> - real init task (a bonus of the previous)
hm.. what problem with --fakeinit ?

> - a good resource limit solution
> - advanced scheduler (virtual)
for CPU QoS per context ?

> - a really good quota solution ;)

With best regards,

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