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From: angela farley (angela_farley_at_emailswitch.net)
Date: Sat 19 Jul 2003 - 09:43:29 BST

Untitled Document Find out if your boss, spouse or a criminal is spying on you

Also if you have downloaded any music, movie clips, or games then your computer may be infected with SpyWares and AdWares!

Advertisers use downloadable music as a vehicle to "legally" add

SpyWares and AdWares to consumer PCs. If you're suspicious that

Your system is infected then here's your chance to scan your computer free of charge.

Just click below:


This is the only spy detection software that protect you against 99.9% of all Spywares

"Spyware" is a common term for files that are installed on your system without your knowledge that allow the user to monitor your PCs activities surreptitiously, Silently your PCs Data and your habits are being documented for review and potential use against you.  .
Spyware devices take many forms: keysroke loggers, web activity recorders, program access monitoring devices, password grabbers, and recovery programs, instant message recorders, email monitors and redirectors, and many more. 

WARNING: Virus softwares such as Mcafee and Norton Anti-Virus protect you against viruses not Spywares.



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